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The IT/ITeS sector throws up some predictable accounting challenges. For instance, a majority of organizations in the technology industry tend to have to have a global presence. Each geography typically has its own set of regulations, which also change regularly. Keeping track of these changes across geographies can be challenging. Since business is conducted globally, there are often challenges related to transfer pricing, intercompany cost allocations etc.


Accounting and taxation can be complicated for e-commerce businesses, especially for those that cater to multiple geographies. Also, the seasonal nature of sales and long procurement cycles can create cashflow issues that need to be managed through smart accounting practices. In addition, product returns often present an accounting challenge.

Real Estate and Infrastructure

The real estate sector is plagued with a variety of issues such as poor record maintenance at construction sites, and the need to deal with a number of vendors at different stages of construction. Each vendor needs to be paid based on timely delivery and acceptable quality of goods and services. Accounting is also complex since expenses need to be classified into several different heads. Besides, construction and real estate typically needs to engage with temporary labor for certain jobs; which adds to the accounting complications.

Retail / Consumer

Retailers and FMCG businesses typically deal with a large volume of transactions spread across a plethora of geographies that they cater to. At the same time, they also need to sell via different modes – for example, instore and online. Plus, they have to manage both paper and electronic bills. They also need to deal with product returns across locations and ensure that they are accounted for properly.

Manufacturing and Engineering

The manufacturing industry is in the midst of some sweeping changes brought about by the rapidly changing technological landscape. Yet, rising labor costs, changing regulations, and globalization make it more difficult than ever for manufacturers to maintain profitability. Therefore, accounting processes with respect to managing inventory valuation, keeping track of receivables from distributors etc. become important for manufacturers.